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All about digital piano

Advantages of the electric piano:
1, Comparing to the standard acoustic piano, digital piano is quite cheap.
2, digital piano does not occupy a lot of place.
3, Very easy to moved around.
4,The sound is always good.
5, Low maintenance costs.
6, You can use headphones, not bothering your neighbors.
7, You can play with different tones.
8, You can connect the digital piano to a computer as a MIDI keyboard.

Disadvantages of digital piano
1, Even the best electric piano, the volume and timbre and expression are not as good as true standard acoustic piano.
2, Most of the electric pianos sound too clean and perfect, which makes them sound unreal.
3, Digital piano can not be played when there is a power breakdown.

What to be noticed when shopping
1, Now the electric piano technology when only one key played, more than one number of sampling can be sounded. In order to seek the realistic performance of the piano, samples of hammer, overall chord resonance, off-key noise, speaker noise, homophonic resonance and so on will also be added. Therefore, it is common and reasonable to play the electric piano with more than 88 voices. In addition, when the pedal is pressed, any chord has made more than 100 voices, so it is suggested that the maximum plural voice is 192: so there will be no worry about changing the piano in the future.
2, String resonance allows the piano to make the varieties of combination of keys produce subtle and rich tone changes. The electric piano which without chord resonance will lack the rich and delicate sound of the real piano, of which the sound is obviously a lot of rigid. The electric steel with the string resonance function makes people can feel the timbre of the standard acoustic piano.
3, Many people have heard of escapement, but they actually don’t know much about what kind of role it plays in the piano. The escapement mechanism has a great impact on the piano performance. This mechanism makes it easier for players to handle weak sounds. It also improves the sensitivity when playing faster, and gives the piano a wider dynamic range. The escapement mechanism initially only appeared on the traditional triangle piano, which allows the player to very easily put the weak voice in the expression mark, but also improves the sensitivity of quick rebound, let the piano have a broader sound dynamic presentation. Many high-end digital piano is installed with escapement mechanism. Choosing this kind of piano is always recommended.