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Plume Digital Console Piano YY-DJ04

Plume Digital Console Piano YY-DJ04

Sense of science and technology is the artistic carrier showing people longing of future.Plume Digital Piano, is to realize images by sense of science and technology.From the changes of sense to the expansions of mind, nowadays, Plume Intelligent Piano becomes the unavoidable trend in music.The fashion series of Plume Piano,make people who love music can feel the touch and strength from heart in different views. As never seen before.Let us release together.
Our Plume Digital Piano YY-DJ04 uses middle to high-grade Pvc as the surface material, the whole nicely finished and outstanding carpentry makes you to wonder it is a piano or a piece of exquisite artwork.

And more to be proud about about our piano is the middle to high-grade 88 note standard hammer -action keyboard. This innovation differ our piano from the old and clumsy electrical keyboard, enable your fingertips you touch and feel the rhythm of the songs.

Technology now has reach the peak of completely stimulating the sound of famous brands of standard acoustic piano, enabling us to bring you our Plume YY-DJ04 with middle to high-grade digital sound source. Every detail of the resonant sound coming from the standard piano can be stimulated by our digital piano and then be presented to you.

Our digital piano also contains 2 20W middle to high-grade configuration which is the excellent stereo amplifier.

With 32 polyphony, 140 tones and 128 rhythms, this piano is no doubt the all-powerful versatile machine that enable you to create the magnificent songs.

Parameter List

Surface Materia Middle to High-grade PVC
Keyboard Middle to High-grade88 Note Standard Hammer-action Keyboard
Sound Source Middle to High-grade Digital Sound Source
Stereo Amplifier Middle to High-grade Configuration 20W*2
Horn Middle to High-grade Dual Channel High Fidelity Horn 8 Q
Interface MIDI, Stereo Headphones, USB, DC 18V Power Supply
Output Power 20W*2
Polyphony 32
Tones 140
Rhythms 128
Display Three Digit Display
Intelligent Functions Auto Accompaniment, Auto Chord
Other Functions Keyboard intensive control, MP3 player, Metronome
Dimension L1350*W345*H740mm

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