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Plume Grand Piano G3

Plume Grand Piano G3

With the help of technoloy, there might be slight difference between us and performers.

With full interests, piano, music and mood, will be controlled by us. multiple scenes, dimensions and functions, elegant and powerful, are advantages of performer series digital piano.

Make music and playing the piano become a part of our lives.

Please allow me to introduce to you the highly anticipated Plume Grand Piano G3. It is indeed an musical instrument, but what is more than just an instrument is the craftsmanship devoted into in turning it into the black sculpture of art in your home.

The Plume Grand Piano G3 is unlike any other baby grand of it's size. Upping the ante, Plume has packed all the detail and quality that is found in larger pianos into one that will adapt to most any room. The bottom layer of exterior paint of the piano is veneered with melamine polyester, adorned with imported unsaturated polyester paint, as smooth as the mirror, aesthetic and environmental protection, silver hardware, colorfast and continually renewed.

You will be amazed by how much effort we put into recording the sound from world famous pianos. Therefore, we have this french 5000 sound source loaded into our soundboard. It is literally the combination of cutting edge technology and rhythms and sounds passed down through ages.

The 88-note hammer action keyboard give you the exact feeling of a acoustic standard piano.it is made from ebony and ivory liked material. You can feel our devotion through your fingertips when you pressing the keys.

Parameter List

Surface Materia High-grade PVC
Keyboard High-grade 88 Note Progressive Hammer-action Keyboard
Sound Source French DREAM Sound Source
Stereo Amplifier High-grade Configuration 15W*2
Speaker High-grade Dual Channel High Fidelity Horn 80
Interface MIDI, Stereo Headphones, Audio, USB, DC 15V Power Supply
Output Power 15W*2
Polyphony 128
Tones 128
Rhythms 120
Demo 120
Display 1.3 Inch High Resolution OLED
Intelligent Functions Auto Accompaniment, Auto Chord
Other Functions Dual Timbre, Metronome, Study Mode, Record/Playback
Dimension L1420*W435*H900mm
Weight 62KG

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