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Plume Portable Digital Piano

Plume Portable Digital Piano

Portable grand piano authenticity at an affordable price. An impressive addition to the highly respected YY range, the ultra-portable XXx features the new Responsive Hammer Compact keyboard action, Harmonic Imaging 88-key piano sampling, and built-in Bluetooth® connectivity to deliver gig-friendly grand piano touch and tone at a remarkably affordable price.

The principle of European traditional piano design and comprehensive craftsmanship are used in the design of key parameters such as scale length, tension, string diameter, striking point etc., range division of the entire piano is reasonable, distribution of strain is uniform, timbre, tone quality and volume are harmonious and balanced, the transition of timbre in each range is natural and smooth.

Full-size weighted graded hammer-action keyboard with matte black key tops, 4-level touch sensitivity. It provides a heavier touch in the low end and a lighter touch in the high end.

It will produce rich and wonderful string resonances when playing an acoustic piano. In order to reproduce this important acoustic effect, the XXX is equipped with a high-performance IC and powerful sound engine to deliver a more realistic acoustic piano tone.

The middle to high-grade dual channel high fidelity horns on the side will bring you the absolute surrounding sound, creating an immersive environment for every piano player.

If you are still not satisfied, well, you can enjoy other types of fun using dual timbre system, metronome, transposition and reverberation to make your own style of songs. And our record/playback, keyboard intensive control and musical app support system can utterly change you opinion about piano.

Parameter List

Surface Material High-grade PVC
Keyboard High-grade 88 Note Progressive Hammer-action Keyboard
Sound Source French DREAM Sound Source
Stereo Amplifier High-grade Configuration 15W*2
Speaker High-grade Dual Channel High Fidelity Hom8Q
Interface MIDI, Stereo Headphones, Audio, USB, DC 15V Power Supply
Output Power 15W*2
Polyphony 128
Tones 128
Rhythms 120
Demo 120
Display 1.3 Inch High Resolution OLED
Intelligent Functions Auto Accompaniment, Auto Chord
Other Functions Dual Timbre, Metronome, Study Mode, Record/Playback
Dimension L1395*W415*H835mm
Weight 59KG

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