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Plume Portable Digital Piano YY-02

Plume Portable Digital Piano

Sense of science and technology is the artistic carrier showing people longing of future. Plume Intelligent Piano, is to realize images by sense of science and technology.From the changes of sense to the expansions of mind, nowadays, Plume Intelligent Piano becomes the unavoidable trend in music. The fashion series of Plume

Piano, make people who love music can feel the touch and strength from heart in different views. As never seen before. Let us release together.

For us, we are dedicated to make piano lighter and more welcoming to not only kids or teenagers, but also adults who wish to develop the a hobby of playing and enjoying piano. Therefore, we present you the Plume Portable Piano YY-02.

We only use genuine high-end French DREAM5 series chips(Welcome detection) Real sampling based on various velocities of grand piano, processed by French DREAM5 series chips to Restore the true sound of a grand piano.

We only use first-class senior matte keyboard(Welcome detection). Professional-grade key design, 16 levels of strength,88 keys Hammer key gives you the perfect feeling of the real acoustic piano.

We only use genuine collected acoustic piano samples(no notes are lost, Welcome detection)

Collect pure grand piano sounds and input them into French DREAM5 series chip Large-capacity memory,centralized optimization of sound, the best effect that no one but us can provide to you.

We only use high-power full-band speakers(Welcome detection With HIFI digital amplifier sound system, we can ensure that heavy bass, tenor stable,treble loud, form into the perfect sound.

Parameter List

Surface Material High-grade Solid Board
Keyboard Imported 88 Note Standard Hammer-action Keyboard
Sound Source Imported PCM Sound Source
Stereo Amplifier High-grade Configuration 25W*2
Speaker Dual Channel High Fidelity Horn
Interface MIDI, Stereo Headphones, AC 220V Power Supply
Output Power 20W*2
Polyphony 128
Tones 36
Demo 32
intelligent Functions Auto Accompaniment, Auto Chord, Learning System Connection
Other Functions Dual Timbre. Metronome, Transposition, Reverberation, Record/Playback, Keyboard Intensive Control

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